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What are Emergency Alerts?

How do I get text alerts?

What type of notifications are sent?

How will I receive the notifications?

When will notifications be sent?

How many messages will I receive per month?

I AM a current credit student or employee, how do I update my name, primary phone, cell number or college email address?

I AM NOT a current credit student or employee, can I still receive notifications?

I AM NOT a current credit student or employee, can I still modify my account preferences?

I never modified my preferences, what are the default settings?

How do I "opt-out" of different types of messages?

I accidentally opted out of text messages, how do I opt back in.

Is this service free?

If I receive an EMERGENCY ALERT, who do I call for more information?

How do I change my password?

What if I forgot my password?

Can I add my parent(s), relative(s), or someone who picks me up to this service?

Who do I contact for help?

Manage Account
Once you have accessed your account (see 'Access Account') you can manage your notification preferences and add additional phone number(s), e-mail address(es) and / or SMS text number(s) to the Emergency Alerts system.

Review this Informational How-to video for more information on managing your account and the different methods of communication (Phone, Email, SMS Text) and alert types.

NOTE: You can NOT opt out of Emergency Notifications. You also cannot change or remove your primary phone, Cell/SMS phone or college email address from Contact Manager. If they are incorrect you can update them through Admissions or Human Resources [MORE INFO].

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