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What are Emergency Alerts?

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Who do I contact for help?

Types of Notifications
The Lakeland Emergency Alerts powered by SchoolMessenger is independent from any other college system. The Lakeland Police Department will be responsible for authorizing use of the emergency notification system. The following are not mandatory notification situations and are not limited to the examples listed below.

EMERGENCY Notification
  • Extreme severe weather emergency
    Example: Tornado in area, Sheriff issued snow emergency, etc - this will not include general weather watches.
  • Dangerous gas leaks, chemical spills or biological hazards on or around campus
  • Confirmed, uncontrolled fire on campus or in a campus building
  • Violent episode
    Example: bomb threat, terrorist incident, active shooter, etc.
College Closing
  • Any complete school closure
    Includes main campus, Lakeland East campus in Madison or the Holden University Center
General Police Notification
  • Local, severe weather around the Lakeland Campus Example: Snow warnings, tornado warning, etc
  • Major traffic alert in or around campus
  • Local road or parking lot closures
  • High increase of a specific or major crime

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