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3 Courses (3 Sections) as of 5/25/20 10:43 AM

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ASLI 1100 - Intro to ASL 1 [Description]

This introductory course focuses on developing an understanding of Deaf and nonverbal populations and ways to communicate effectively with them using American Sign Language. The course introduces fingerspelling/manual alphabet and basic grammar and vocabulary. (4 contact hours) (TAG) [Catalog Entry]

CRN Schedule Seats Days Times Dates Room Camp Instructor Cr
MTWR 09:00 AM-11:40 AM 5/18/20-6/23/20 (P1) WEBEX MAIN
Roy, K

ASLI 1200 - Intro to ASL 2 [Description / Prerequisite]

Prerequisite: ASLI 1100 or proficiency test. This course builds on the knowledge and skills developed in ASLI 1100 Elementary American Sign Language I, focusing on increasing speed, fluency, vocabulary, receptive skills and knowledge of grammatical structures. It introduces proper translation of English idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms. (4 contact hours) (TM) [Catalog Entry]

CRN Schedule Seats Days Times Dates Room Camp Instructor Cr
MTWR 09:00 AM-11:40 AM 6/24/20-7/30/20 (P2) WEBEX MAIN
Roy, K

ASLI 1550 - Deaf History and Culture [Description]

This introductory course surveys the history, structure, power interactions, and culture of the Deaf community and its impact on hearing and non-hearing populations. Experience with American Sign Language is not necessary. (3 contact hours) [Catalog Entry]

CRN Schedule Seats Days Times Dates Room Camp Instructor Cr
40776 ONLINE
- - 6/08/20-8/02/20 (F) ONLINE MAIN
Mahendranath, J

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