February 21, 2020


Lakeland Foundation Friday Update

TO: Lakeland Foundation Board and Friends

FROM: Greg Sanders

I hope your Friday is as happy as our Tuesday was! It was on Tuesday that Lakeland received an award notice regarding a grant from the Ohio legislature to support workforce development in high-growth job sectors. Lakeland's request of $143,333 was funded in full, and the college will use this grant to equip a laboratory/classroom for the college's Cybersecurity program.

Lakeland's Cybersecurity program was approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) in June 2019 and is a combination of both new and existing courses across a number of disciplines to address an increasing need for a robust workforce trained in technologies associated with cybersecurity. The decision to create a cyber lab for the program was a direct result of conversations with leading cybersecurity firms in Northeast Ohio. The lab will replicate a real-world business setting so students can study the impact of cyber-attacks and engage in hands-on training in security protocols. The cyber lab will also serve as a multi-use innovative classroom equipped with instructional technology tools such as interactive video, video conferencing, lecture capture, and lightboards, as well as distance learning technology that will allow students to complete their Bachelors of Science in IT while at Lakeland. Lakeland is finalizing articulation pathways to a baccalaureate with the Universities of Akron and Cincinnati for seamless transfer.

Prior to developing its Associate of Applied Business in Cybersecurity, Lakeland conducted an extensive needs analysis that showed a growing demand for a cybersecurity program. According to analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies, there were over 500 cybersecurity-related job postings in one year in the Cleveland region alone. With support from the Cleveland Foundation's Fenn Fund, Lakeland created an IT "Cyber Team" composed of faculty and administrators who worked with a wide range of Northeast Ohio businesses to review curriculum and identify new coursework, to ensure that the curriculum reflected the education and skills needed in the workforce, and to create student internship opportunities. Kudos to Cyber Team members Jen Crissman, Sue Baker, Tony Slabicki, Nick DiTirro, and Dave Durkee for their hard work on this project.

The use of global technologies, the internet, and personal technologies has become ubiquitous and as a result, we depend on - and have placed our trust in - these technologies. Unfortunately, technology is susceptible to threats, has vulnerabilities, and can be subject to invasions of privacy. Lakeland's Cybersecurity program will contribute significantly to the development of a skilled workforce capable of addressing the needs of businesses, government, and the community as the demand for cybersecurity professionals continues to increase in the near future.

Have a wonderful weekend,


Cyber Seek: Supply/demand data for cybersecurity jobs

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