Spring 23, Issue 2 • January 2023


"Extraordinary" is overrated. Here's how to embrace the power of an ordinary life

The young adult years (18-25) can be a challenge, to say the least! The pressure to find yourself and live an exceptional life comes from all angles; social media, influencers, culture and people in our lives. Listen as NPR Life Kit talks to Rainesford Stauffer, author of "An Ordinary Age: Finding Your Way in a World That Expects Exceptional," about how to lean into the idea that life is a process of changes and experimentation and the best thing you can do for yourself is to figure out what matters to you, learn how to solve problems and believe in yourself. "The solution," she says, "is to turn away from constant comparison and instead focus on finding fulfillment and identity on your own terms." Learn more in Related Links!

'Extraordinary' is overrated. Here's how to embrace the power of an ordinary life

Let's get organized!

The first weeks of class is always energizing, especially spring semester when a new year is also beginning. Week one feels transitional as you move from winter break back into a routine adjusted to accommodate school. As you wind down week three, hopefully you’re in a groove with your schedule and your planner is filling up with assignments, test dates, deadlines and obligations. Whether you are a new student this semester or coming back from fall, establishing a routine is a great way to stay on track and keep stress at bay. It’s not easy to balance home life, a job and college all at the same time, but it can be accomplished! As the demands in your life tug at you, keep in mind that Lakeland has lots of support services and resources on campus to lend a hand. Let's do this!

Time management tips

Effective time management, a key skill to being organized, is probably the most important skill to master in college and it's also one of the most challenging for students to learn. Take the time management inventory to see how well you do with managing your time. The link is located under Check Out These Links! One tip to help you get more organized is to use a planner system. A planner system helps you visualize and prioritize all your tasks. Learn more about time management in Related Links. If you'd like personalized help developing time management skills, learning center student success navigators can help. To make an appointment for help with academic study skills, go to myLakeland Schedule It or call us at 440.525.7019.

Time management and SMART goals

Stop wasting your time!

In an effort to be better at time management, it's helpful to analyze how you structure your time. Pinpointing how you effectively use or waste your time will enable you to make adjustments, so you don't continue to do things in a way that adds stress to your life. Structuring tasks helps you move closer to your goal of completing them versus doing ineffective things like pushing off difficult tasks until later, doing the minimum on an assignment or constantly playing catch-up on work that's due, which moves you further from completing your goals! The University of Guelph Time Management Guide has several strategies to help you make the most of your time depending on when you waste it the most! Learn what they are and more in Related Links.

Do you waste time during the day?

Hey procrastinators, this is for you!

You can't talk about time management without addressing procrastination. Even though it's something everyone does, don't let procrastination get the best of you this semester. Learn how to take charge of your procrastination by watching the video in Related Links.

Procrastination is a habit you can kick

Tips for online class success

Everyone's goal at the beginning of the semester is to be successful. To achieve that goal, you need a process. Just like a runner whose goal is to complete a half-marathon. They don't just step outside and start running willy-nilly. They put a training schedule into place and follow it. That's the process. To achieve your goal of online class success, you'll want to use tips that help you manage your attitude, create a routine, inspire your study space and practice self-care. Learn more in Related Links.

Online and remote learning tips


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