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Could you use a mindset adjustment?

Deadlines are looming, exams are coming and you're... procrastinating! Oh, no! If you're starting to feel a little stressed, it's time to take charge. Start by being aware of your mindset. Your mindset is a mental attitude or inclination, according to Merriam-Webster. You've probably noticed that sometimes, mental attitude or inclination don't work in your favor. The good news is, your mindset isn't a fixed thing— you can change it. To learn how, start by listening to the College Info Geek as he talks about the "I Don't Feel Like It" mindset, how it interferes with your ability to get work done and what you can do to change it. Learn more in Related Links.

"I Don't Feel Like It" is a Mindset for Amateurs

You're reading your textbooks, right?

Reading well in college is one of the most important skills you need. Oftentimes, students overlook the value of reading textbook assignments as well as using chapter objectives and summaries for test preparation. While it's possible your instructor may not review textbook reading assignments during class, they expect that students be familiar with material covered in reading assignments.

With exams looming on the horizon, get more familiar with reading your textbook by using the suggested reading strategies outlined under Read Better, located on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Learning Center homepage. The site is linked below, in Related Links. If you need personalized help with textbook reading strategies, book an appointment with a study skills coach in the learning center, located in Room A-1044.

Read Better. The Learning Center at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

How to bounce back when you're in a motivational slump

Have you laid in bed at night and planned out all the things you would accomplish the next day, only to wake up and blow it all off? Perhaps you just need to figure out when you are most productive or how to work through your resistance. With exams coming in just a few short weeks, you'll want to sustain your motivation to study! To learn how to maintain motivation, watch the College Info Geek in Related Links.

How to Solve the "I Wake Up With No Motivation" Problem

Now that you're motivated, it's time to prepare...

You know they're coming. Exams. To win the test game, you need to score the maximum number of points possible. Skip Downing identifies three factors that determine how well you score on tests—take a minute to consider how you would answer these questions:

  1. How well have you prepared?
  2. How well do you take tests?
  3. How much have you learned from previous tests?

This week and next, News You Can Use will explore test-taking tips and strategies to help you prepare to do your best on exams.

Need a test preparation strategy? Start here...

Scott Brueckner, study skills professor at Long Beach City College, has a solid test-taking strategy which includes things you can do before, during and after a test. Try these before tips:

  • Attend all classes—when you miss class, you miss a lot.
  • Complete all required reading.
  • Organize study time by planning daily, weekly and major review sessions.
  • Form a study group with two or three other conscientious students. Activities for a study group include making up practice tests, comparing notes, etc. Create study tools such as content maps, flash cards and annotated texts.
  • Predict test questions as your read. Study your notes and recite information aloud.
  • Ask your professor for specific information about the test.
  • Reduce text anxiety by maintaining a balanced schedule, including exercise, a healthy diet and adequate rest, starting now! Learn relaxation techniques.
  • Be prepared! Remember, preparing for an objective test is different from preparing for an essay test.

Start your test preparation now. Learn more by watching Brueckner’s video on preparing for tests in Related Links.

LBCC Preparing for Tests


Utah State University Test Taking


November 18, 2019
Need quick help with math? Stop by the math-in-minutes table!
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November 18, 2019
Need help to improve study skills?
Stop by the learning center to make an appointment with a student success navigator, for assistance. at Room A-1044


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