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To assess your learning skills, start here

Your number one job in college is to learn. To be successful at learning requires that you develop certain skills. Check out the College Learning Skills Cheat Sheet in Related Links to discover the various kinds of skills you need for learning in college. Do a quick inventory and see where your strengths and weaknesses are. The good news is these skills can be developed. Stop by the learning center in Room A-1044 to learn how!

LBCC College Learning Skills Cheat Sheet

How memory works. Figure it out now so you're ready for exams.

It's a good idea to understand how your brain works when it comes to memory since memorizing is key to effective studying. Oregon State University Learning Corners has a good video that explains the memory process, which is basically comprised of three steps: encoding, storing and retrieving! The goal is to create a memory pathway in your brain to help you recall information when you need it, like for a test! Learn more in Related Links.

The Memory Process

To remember better, try this

“People remember 90 percent of what they do, 75 percent of what they see and 20 percent of what they hear.” (D. Ellis, 1997, Become A Master Student, 8thed.)

Here are 10 active study strategies to boost your memory. To learn more strategies, click on the infographic in Related Links.

  1. Make flash cards.
  2. Connect old information to new.
  3. Recite definitions aloud.
  4. Summarize to a friend.
  5. Use acronyms.
  6. Make learning meaningful to you.
  7. Study in a group.
  8. Preview your reading before class to improve your understanding of what will be covered.
  9. Review notes before and immediately after class.
  10. Review, review, review.

7 Techniques to remember anything

How to get better at math

Your brain is like a muscle. With a good mental workout, it stretches, grows and becomes stronger! In college, understanding concepts and solving difficult problems are workouts that push you to learn and make you smarter. When it comes to math, many students shut down when they get stuck versus pushing through the challenge. Sound familiar? Learn tips and strategies from the College Info Geek to help you power through your math homework in Related Links! Keep in mind, math tutoring is available in Room A-1044 and it's free.

How to Get Better at Math

Spring is in the air!

Your mind may be on the fall holidays, but in reality, you might want to consider your plans for the next semester.

Spring registration is now open, and when you register early, you have a greater variety of classes to choose from and at times that may better fit your schedule. So, now is the best time to make an appointment with the Counseling and Advising Center to plan your next set of classes at Lakeland.

Map out what you need to take and then register early. That way, you will be set to go when classes start in January.


November 14 - 15, 2018
Support Phi Theta Kappa and The Red Cross Bloodrive!
The Red Cross and Phi Theta Kappa are hosting a blood drive Nov. 14, from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. and Nov. 15, from Noon - 6 p.m. Chipotle gift cards will be given to donors while supplies last
at Y-Bldg.

November 15, 2018
PTK Chipotle Fundraiser!
Mention the PTK fundraiser before you pay and 33 percent of proceeds will be donated to Alpha Psi Rho.
4-8 p.m.
at Chipotle at 7851 Reynolds Road in Mentor

November 15 - 29, 2018
Academic Success Coaching
What does an academic success coach do? They help you improve the skills you need for academic success in college By appointment at stop by Room A-1044 for information


Khan Academy
Struggling with a particular subject or just need a quick review, check out these free lessons online.

Purdue Online Writing Lab
Everything you need to get your writing skills in top shape.


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