Online Learning
E-learner Assessment Part 2

Taking a course online can be an exciting and flexible way to learn a new subject. People have various learning styles and that can affect how well they adapt and enjoy an e-learning experience. Let's take a short assessment test to see if e-learning is a good alternative for you.

1) My study habits can best be described this way.

a. I like to work alone, most of the time. I require little supervision
b. I like to work with others and like to be reminded of timelines and requirements
c. I tend to put things off. I have a problem meeting deadlines without some coaching.

2) When I am faced with learning a new subject I feel:

a. Excited. I like to new things and gain new skills
b. I can handle some frustration. If I don't pick up the new skill right away.
c. I am easily frustrated. I like working through a problem with others

3) I would describe my skill level using computer hardware this way:

a. Expert (I can operate most personal computer hardware and peripherals)
b. Proficient (I can turn on/off and restart a computer. I can also operate a mouse, keyboard and monitor)
c. Novice ( I don't know how to operate a computer)

4) I would describe my computer operating system skills as:

a. Expert (I can configure operating systems and install software/applications)
b. Proficient (I can create and organize files and folders)
c. Novice (I can turn the computer on and type a letter)

5) I would rate my basic MS Office skills (especially MS Word) like this:

a. Expert (I know how to use most common features in MS Office applications)
b. Proficient (I know how to open, create, close, save, and modify Office files)
c. Novice (I don't know how to operate MS Office applications)

6) I rate my Internet browser skill level as:

a. Expert (I can effectively research on the Web, download files, and configure browser settings)
b. Proficient (I know how to use navigation tools and how to download and upload files)
c. Novice (I know how to get on the Internet but that's about it

7) What is your skill level when it comes to capturing information from the Web?

a. Expert (I can download files and applications. I can also install plug-ins.)
b. Proficient (I can cut and paste text from a Web page and save it for future use.)
c. Novice (I don't know how to capture information besides printing out the Web pages.)

8) What is your skill level using Email applications?

a. Expert (I use it frequently, know how to send and receive attachments)
b. Proficient (I can send Email. I use it infrequently but I have trouble with attachments.
c. Novice (I don't know how to use Email to communicate.)

9) What type of computer and Internet access do you have?

a. I have a computer with the required configurations and high speed Internet access.
b. I have the required Internet access and computer configuration
c. I do not readily have access to a computer or Internet access.

10) What is your experience level with discussion boards and chat rooms?

a. I am very familiar about how chat rooms and discussion boards operat
b. I seldom use chat rooms and discussion boards though I know how to use them
c. I have never used a discussion board