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EMGT 1280 - Emer Oper Ctr Mgt [Description]

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to interface with or manage an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during a crisis. It includes locating, designing, operating an EOC, and how to staff, train, and brief EOC personnel. (2 contact hours) [Catalog Entry]

CRN Schedule Seats Days Times Dates Room Camp Instructor Cr
31015 ONLINE
- - 1/15-5/13/22 (F) ONLINE MAIN
Von Duhn, M

EMGT 2340 - Haz Matl Command [Description]

This course provides students with instruction in the identification of hazardous materials, chemical reactions, and the proper handling of hazardous materials incidents. It includes instruction in the implementation of the appropriate multilevel and interagency Incident Command process required to effectively handle such incidents. The course culminates with case studies and simulated incidents. The course content meets most recommendations of NFPA Standard 472, OSHA 20CFR1920.120 and U.S. EPA 40CFR311, Awareness and Operations levels and selected portions of NFPA Standard 472, Technician and Incident Commander levels. This course is cross-listed as FIRE 2340 Hazardous Materials Operations and Command and EMGT 2340 Hazardous Materials Operations and Command. Students who have taken the course under the alternative course ID should not take this course. (3 contact hours) [Catalog Entry]

CRN Schedule Seats Days Times Dates Room Camp Instructor Cr
31016 ONLINE
- - 1/15-5/13/22 (F) ONLINE MAIN
Kocab, M

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