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Former Lakeland English professor pens new book

Posted: February 2, 2021

Lakeland English Professor Emeritus, Joe Sanders, Ph.D., has penned a new book examining the work of science fiction writer Michael Bishop.

Due to Bishop's exploration of religion, belief and the pursuit of human truth, there has been renewed interest in his perspective in recent years. In "Michael Bishop and the Persistence of Wonder: A Critical Study of the Writings" (McFarland Press, 2021), Sanders performs a close observation of the living author's novels and short stories, poetry and essays which have been celebrated for their depth of thought and feeling since the 1970s.

Sanders came to Lakeland in 1972. Throughout the years he taught freshman composition and modern British and American literature courses. He also created several sections in science fiction and fantasy, and contemporary fiction. A graphic fiction course he developed was taught alongside members of the art department.

"I enjoyed teaching Lakeland students. It was such an interesting mix of traditional just-out-of-high-school young people, plus older people who had decided they were ready to take another shot at higher education. They especially had a variety of experiences to contribute to class discussions," said Sanders who retired from Lakeland in 2001.

His affinity for science fiction and fantasy began in high school. Today Sanders has authored countless book reviews and critical essays. Currently, he is reviewer for Publishers Weekly. He has authored/co-authored six other books about E.E. "Doc" Smith, Roger Zelazny, Neil Gaiman, Robert A. Heinlein, and many others in the science fiction genre.

Sanders grew up on farm near Roachdale, Indiana. He later earned a bachelor's degree in education from DePauw University and master's degree from Claremont Graduate School. After he earned his doctorate degree from Indiana University he began his teaching career at Lakeland.

Sanders resides in Willoughby with his wife Mary where they are active with the First Presbyterian Church of Willoughby. They continue to support higher education through major gift commitments to The Lakeland Foundation which have created endowments supporting the Lakeland Women's and Men's centers, and student scholarships.

Sanders is currently researching his next book's subject, Toledo native and Hugo Award winning author Kate Wilhelm.

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