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Arts at Lakeland concert and art show capture spirit of expression in online platform

Posted: January 27, 2021

Screenshot of the Lakeland Jazz Impact performance in the ensemble virtual concert.

Although the pandemic has put a halt to live music and exhibits at Lakeland Community College, it has not stopped the ways in which artists communicate their vision through sights and sounds.

The Arts at Lakeland has joined colleagues around the globe in recording their performances and presentations to be accessible online for audiences to appreciate musical and artistic creativity that is unique to humans.

The college's community of musicians, vocalists and artists has captured the spirit of expression in several masterclasses, a fall concert and an art show available online and on-demand for viewing. The videos highlight individual artists, discussions about music and displayed works of art.

“I am extremely proud of the Arts at Lakeland team for their work to develop these programs online,” said Adam Cloutier, Ed.D., dean for arts and sciences at Lakeland. “These past months have truly been a challenge for all of us, postponing plans, drastically adjusting others, we’ve done the best we could do in our new virtual environment while maintaining our commitment to safety for each other and for our community. We encourage everyone to enjoy these programs from the comfort and safety of their homes.”

The following programs are now available on Lakeland’s YouTube channel:

Arts at Lakeland is currently accepting donations to support general programming. Gifts can be made online.

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