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Virtual tour of art gallery show celebrates the unique talents of Lakeland employees

Posted: November 5, 2020 | Updated: November 9, 2020

A close up of a submission by Susan Walker-Meere, administrative assistant: Oil pastel on paper, oil on canvas.

The Gallery at Lakeland is hosting a virtual tour of the impressive artworks submitted for "The Lakeland Employee Art Show." For this exhibition, 31 artists from all areas of the college, submitted 112 pieces representing an eclectic collection of works done in oil, acrylic and watercolor painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, ceramic sculpture, photography, fiber/textiles, wood, stained glass jewelry/metals, quilled paper and mixed media.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Gallery at Lakeland is not open to the general public. This virtual tour, conducted by Gallery Coordinator Mary Urbas, provides an excellent opportunity to view the pieces and learn a bit about them from the comfort and safety of your home. Click on the link below to access the virutal tour. The show runs until Feb. 4, 2021.

Employees participating in the show

Carol Adams, Part-time faculty: Mixed media sculpture, fiber and enamel, enamel on copper jewelry

Anonymous: Archival pigment print, LED lights, mirror film

Corrie Bergeron, Instructional designer: Chainmail armor

Paula Blackman, Part-time faculty: Ceramic Sculpture

Steven Bowen, Gallery assistant: Painted wood, leather

Michelle Brown, Breakers cashier: Pen and ink, colored pencil enhanced photography

Madeline Cooper, Student employee: Pen and ink, colored pencil, carved driftwood

Amy D. Copeland, Full-time faculty: Graphic Design: Embroidery floss, unbleached cotton muslin

William Davenport, Part-time faculty: Digital photography

Mark Del Balso, Part-time faculty: Multimedia installation, acrylic on canvas

Barb Friedt, Dean for Applied Studies: Digital photography

Wade Gagich, Part-time faculty: Photography - Archival pigment print

Dori-Ann Granger, Part-time faculty: Quilled paper

Becky Grasser, Full-time faculty: Gum Bichromate print

Brian Jackson, Custodian: Stained glass, wood

Michael Kinkopf, Part-rime faculty: Digital print

Karen Knaus, Part-time faculty: Digital photography, mixed media jewelry

Hillary Kursh, Part-time faculty: Oil on panel

Gloria Lane, Manager, Women's Center: Digital photography

Lisa Lewins, Full-time faculty: Textile wall quilt, machine quilted

Jeremiah Mrazeck, Gallery assistant: Mixed media on wood, birdhouse

Bryan Rinnert, Part-time faculty: Digital photograph, panoramic photograph

David L. Samiec, Part-time faculty: Digital Portrait photography

Gretchen Silbaugh, Associate teacher Teaching Learning Center & Campus Kids: Jewelry, ceramic sculpture

Thomas Sopko, Engineering technician: Wood birdhouse, brass

Karyn Stovicek, Career Services specialist: Digital photography

Jack Thomas, Full-time faculty: Digital photography

Craig Tucker, Technical coordinator, Performing Arts Center: Sculpture, pen and pencil

Mary Urbas, Gallery Coordinator/exhibition curator: Watercolor on paper

Marilyn Valencia, Institutional Research data coordinator: Watercolor on paper

Susan Walker-Meere, Administrative assistant: Oil pastel on paper, oil on canvas

Jane Wiemer, Part-time faculty: Mixed metals, semi-precious stones, enamel on copper

Some items may be available for purchase. Contact Gallery Coordinator Mary Urbas at or call 440.525.7029 for details on the process.

College closures
Lakeland's campus will reopen in January 2021.

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